Tubers in New Braunfels racking up parking tickets

New Braunfels has issued roughly 500 parking citations already this summer. (SBG Photo)

NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas - More than 700 tickets have already been given along the Comal and Guadalupe Rivers this summer within New Braunfels city limits. According to the New Braunfels Police Department, roughly 500 of those citations were related to illegal parking.

“Is that really welcoming tourists to this community? If you're going to be threatening us with 500 parking tickets a month?” asked one tuber. “That's an insane amount!”

“It is a lot of citations for parking,” said David Ferguson from the New Braunfels PD. “That's the number one issue that we have during the summer.”

Warning signs line the streets in neighborhoods throughout city, but they don't always work.

“They'll see an open spot on the street, and try to park there,” said David Kneuper, a resident along the Comal River. “The biggest issue is trash that people leave behind - and trespassing. People will walk through the yard and just kind of take over the whole area.”

Legal parking along the Comal can cost you $10.

“It's parking, but is it really worth it?” said Thanh Thi, a visitor floating the Comal. “Is it really worth it? That's my question.”

“It helps pay to keep the place clean. We have a beautiful park that, by and large, is a good place to visit,” said local resident Joe Finn. “I think it's a fair price.”

Police recommend planning in advance to find a legal place to park.

CLICK HERE to explore parking options along the rivers…

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