This Saturday: Hazardous materials drop-off event at Brooks City Base

Van Buren County's annual Hazardous Materials Clean-up Day is on October 26.

SAN ANTONIO - The city's Solid Waste Management department is hosting a mobile drop-off event on Saturday, May 20, to help local residents get rid of hazardous materials you may have inside the home.

Items such as pesticides, paint, anti-freeze, oil, and household cleaners will be accepted. Dumping those materials in the garbage could cause water contamination.

"When it gets mixed in with other non-compatible materials, it could actually cause toxic fumes, it could cause a fire," says David Newman, deputy director at Solid Waste. "We do experience that from time to time and we want to avoid those by disposing of it properly through our facilities or through our mobile event."

The mobile event is set for Saturday, May 20, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Brooks City Base, located at 8261 Boyle Road.

You can also drop off a limited number of tires, some electronics and old medications.

The event is free, just bring some form of identification and a CPS Energy bill.

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