Texas residents can prepare for severe weather, while saving money

Ace Hardware displays items that customers can purchase tax free. (Photo by Kendra Hall)

Severe weather season is now in the Texas Panhandle.

"We can always count on this time of year to be when we have our most significant thunder storms, including those that become severe, possibly producing tornadoes," said John Cockrell, meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Amarillo.

Cockrell says that it is important to be prepared and stock up on items in advance.

"It's good to have a good supply of batteries, first aid kits are very handy to have," said Cockrell.

Starting Saturday the 22nd and going until Monday the 24th at midnight, people can save money stocking up on these items. Throughout the state of Texas, emergency preparation supplies will be tax-free.

"On a $100 purchase, you're talking an 8 dollars and 25 cents, so it can add up a lot. It can be a lot of savings for you," said Trenton Maples, Ace Hardware store manager.

The Texas Comptroller's office estimates shoppers will save $1.5 million in state and local sales tax during this holiday weekend. Store manager at Ace Hardware is encouraging people to stock up before it gets too late.

"This is just a great opportunity to be prepared, be ready and keep the destruction to a minimum," said Maples.

Cockrell says that if there is a tornado warning, it is important to get proper shelter.

"You always want to try to get on the lowest level of any structure," said Cockrell. "If you have a basement or cellar, that's always a good idea. Otherwise away from glass or windows. Most often that means getting into an interior room in your house."

He also recommends getting a NOAA weather radio and these will be included in the Sales Tax Holiday.

For a list of items that can be purchased without sales tax click here.

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