Teen rescued from sex trafficker runs away from protective services

By JOCELYN TOVARNews 4 San AntonioFacebook | Twitter

SAN ANTONIO- Law enforcement across the country are on the look-out for a San Antonio girl who was rescued from human trafficking and ran-away from protective custody.

One week ago an under cover operation by the FBI led to the arrest of Melvin Deams, 20, after he was found using four teen girls for sex trafficking.

"We are following up on some leads in the case and we hope to locate her soon," said Officer Douglas Greene with San Antonio Police.

One of the girls rescued from Deams is now a missing person and she's been entered into the National Crime Information Center.

"That means any officer across the state or country who comes across this person will get information about her," said Greene.

We asked Child Protective Services for an interview about how she was able to get out of their care.

Instead we got an e-mail saying "The Department of Family and Protective Services evaluates placement of foster children and how those placements were handled."

Not answering our question.

"When you are dealing with this particular topic of human trafficking," said Officer Greene. "We do have to be very careful and protective of the victims and their information."

Her identity and description is being withheld except for her age, the 15-year-old- victim advocates warn, could see her past situation as a relationship instead of the dangerous situation it really was.

"We have eyes out there," said Officer Greene. "We're hoping to locate this young person before they end up in the same situation they were previously in."

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