Suspects in shooting of mail carrier linked to other shootings and chases

Police arrested three suspects in connection with the shooting of a mail carrier that happened in Spring Branch over the weekend.

Two men and a woman, Bradley A'Hearn, 22, Piper Lee, 40, and Sara Richford, 26, were arrested Wednesday morning at a motel in the 1100 block of Roosevelt on San Antonio's south side.

A'Hearn and Richford are facing federal charges of carjacking, violation of the Hobbs Act (interference with Commerce by violence) and mail theft according to a release from the US District Attorney's Office. Lee is charged with aiding and abetting the assault of a federal officer.

The release said A'Hearn shot a mail carrier Saturday as she was sorting mail at a cluster of mailboxes in Spring Branch. It said A'Hearn shot her in the leg after she refused to give up her cell phone, then he drove off in her personal truck which she used to deliver mail.

Richford is accused of following A'Hearn in a maroon/brown colored Toyota Venza. The stolen truck was found in the area later in the day.

Two days later, a US Postal Inspection Service agent spotted the Venza in the area of the February 11th incident and was shot at while attempting to to stop the vehicle. In that incident, the suspects led authorities on a wild chase along Highway 281.

Several witnesses said the suspects drove the wrong way for miles on 281 and some drivers reported seeing someone firing a gun out a car window at officers who were chasing them. The officers eventually lost sight of the suspects.

The suspects were also wanted in connection with an incident that happened at North Star Mall on Tuesday. Law enforcement officers lost the suspects after they drove into a parking garage at the mall and abandoned a second car described as a yellow Volkswagen.

A release states employees at a motel near Hwy. 281 contacted police after they discovered a gun and a large amount of mail originating from areas spanning the county which carried delivery destinations to the Spring Branch area.

The arrests, however, were made in the parking lot of a separate motel on San Antonio's south side.

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said that following the incidents on Monday and Tuesday, his team received information the suspects were along Roosevelt Avenue.

SAPD's SWAT unit then set up in the area and made the arrests without incident. McManus said the suspects did not have weapons on them at the time of their arrests.

If convicted, A’Hearn and Richford face up to 20 years in federal prison for assault of a federal agent, up to 25 years for carjacking, up to 20 years for violating the Hobbs Act and up to five years for mail theft.

If he's convicted, Lee faces up to 20 years in prison for aiding and abetting the assault of a federal officer.

See A'Hearn's Criminal Complaint Below:

See Piper's Criminal Complaint Below:

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