#StandWithSAFD: Scott Deem memorial gifts should be dropped off at Public Safety HQ

A family posts a memorial up outside Public Safety Headquarters on Friday morning in honor of San Antonio Firefighter Scott Deem, who lost his life in a fire on Thursday night. (SBG San Antonio)

On Thursday night, the San Antonio Fire Department lost one of its own in a massive fire at Ingram Square Shopping Center.

SAFD Spokesperson Woody Woodward said all gifts memorializing Scott Deem should be taken to Public Safety Headquarters at 315 S Santa Rosa.

Woodward said that gifts should not be dropped off at Firefighter Station No. 35 because it will continue to operate normally and do not want to obstruct it.

Mayor Ivy R. Taylor has issued a letter to Governor Greg Abbott requesting he order flags fly at half-staff in honor of fallen firefighter Scott Deem.

“We are blessed to have an outstanding fire department made up of some of the best and bravest men and women in the country. Unfortunately, last night one of our best did not make it home,” said Mayor Taylor. “We will always be in debt to Mr. Deem and the sacrifice he and his family have made. Asking the flags be flown at half-staff is just one way we as a city can pay tribute to his service.”

Flags will remain at half-staff until interment.

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