Southeast side neighborhood plagued by thieves

Southeast side neighborhood plagued by thieves

SAN ANTONIO- A southeast neighborhood is fed up with crime. Neighbors claim they’re dealing with a rash of vehicle thefts and burglaries.

“They don't care, they'll steal whatever they can get their hands on,” said Liberty Gonzales.

Thieves got their hands on Liberty Gonzales' boyfriend's car, stealing it completely just up the road from where thousands of dollars’ worth of property belonging to Dallas police officers was stolen on Friday.

Among the items was an officer’s gun.

“Lately there's been a lot of just people stealing at the stores, stealing going to people houses, breaking in, taking cars,” said Gonzales.

Gonzales says car burglaries and thefts are happening a lot more near the 2600 block of Southeast Military Drive. In the past three months there have been 10 car thefts and 35 car burglaries within a half mile radius from where the officers van was burglarized. Gonzales says she often sees thieves on the prowl.

“You just see people walking around looking in the cars passing by and then they will walk the other way and then they will come back just to see,” said Gonzales.

She says she rarely sees officers patrolling.

“There's no one outside, there's no cops outside, there's no one looking out so they can just take cars like nothing,” said Gonzales.

Improving security is the biggest concern she wants addressed.

“To have more security guards just so we know our stuff is safe when we just go inside and come back,” said Gonzales.

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