Shop owners encourage Wimberley tourism

By JOCELYN TOVARNews 4 San AntonioFacebook | Twitter

WIMBERLEY, Tx- Wimberley didn't wash away that's what the people who live there want you to know after devastating floods took the lives of nine and left countless others without homes.There are open signs all over Wimberley greeting potential shoppers.Like the one at a colorful shop, with a colorful name."Cackleberry Merkantile," said employee Cinda Donovan.Donovan said after the flooding tourists from other city's avoided the area."And now people are coming back," she said. To help convince outsiders that Wimberley hadn't washed away by the floods she and the shop owners made a facebook video that caught the eye of shoppers like Ronnie and Linda Shaner who drove in from New Braunfels."Maybe do a little shopping," said Ronnie. "Take in the scenery and see what's going on up here... Also see how devastating this must be for all these people."The shop is just across the road from where flood waters devastated the Rio Bonito Resort."We will make as many of these charms as we need to make to help support them," said Sarah Barlow who has owned the Cedar Chest for 18 years with her husband."We're one of the oldest shops in town," she said. They designed this charm to raise money for the Rio Bonito and 7A resort.."100% of proceeds is going right back into the community," she said .Slowly the city is getting back to normal. Along with all the "open" signs, Wimberley Strong ones are also popping up in store windows.