Senator Ted Cruz meets with small business owners in San Antonio

Photo: Ted Cruz / Twitter / MGN

SAN ANTONIO- Senator Ted Cruz met with small business owners in San Antonio about the future success of their businesses Tuesday.

Mores said has owned and operated restaurants in the San Antonio area for more than 6 years. He says the support of the community has kept his business a float.

"It's a city that is growing, the people are the nicest, the community is fantastic,” said small business owner Mores Said. Said was one of nearly 50 small business owners who attended today's luncheon with Senator Ted Cruz.

He says he is concerned with the discussions of immigration reform and what it could do for his employees and fellow small business owners.

"We still have not measured the impact, because it's still a taboo, everyone is speculating about it, there is nothing straight forward about it. No one knows how it will impact our industry but I will tell you there are a lot of people scared,” said Said.

Senator Cruz said today he celebrates legal immigration. He has championed measures to secure the border, reform the legal immigration system, and uphold the rule of law. Said, also concerned with the possibility of a debit card swipe fee hike.

"Some that affects all businesses is the debit card swipe fees, they want to double it and remove the cap on it, it was something that was high then we lowered it, and now they want to lower it again and that will affect every industry,” said Said.

Eliminating regulations like that is what Senator Cruz says will result in success.

"Small businesses grow when you see regulations under control, taxes under control. The keys to economic growth are tax reform and regular reform. If you want to see the economy take off, you reduce the taxes, you simplify the tax code and you reduce regulations on small businesses and job creators,” said Senator Ted Cruz.

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