School warning parents about cyberbullying game

School warns parents about cyberbullying game

SAN ANTONIO - A Northeast Independent School District principal school is warning parents about a cyberbullying game that has hit schools across the country.

Lopez Middle School Principal Eric Wernli sent out a letter to parents that said he has received word that students are using snapchat to play a game called “Letter X.” The game encourages cyberbullying, according to Wernli.

Snapchat is a picture and video message application for smart phones. Users can record ten second video or snap a picture and send them to followers. The videos and pictures disappear in 24 hours.

The “Letter X” game starts when someone sends the letter X to another child. That person then replies with the name of a victim and then the classmates begin sending insults about the victim.

“I have made the teachers aware and asked them to monitor closely and have the students put their phones away,” Wernli said in the letter to parents. “Phones will be confiscated if used outside of the teachers’ directions, as per our cell phone policy.”

He also suggested parents send their child a text telling them not to participate in the game. He said he would not confiscate the phone if they are looking at the text from their parent.

A NEISD spokesperson said the concern originated from a parent calling the school to speak with a counselor. The parent had heard about the alarming trend and wanted advice from the school, according to the spokesperson.

“Hopefully this is just a rumor and no one is harmed. We are currently investigating and consequences will be dealt according to evidence reached,” Wernli said in the letter.

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