Suspects posing as police officers zip tie and rob four people


SAN ANTONIO -- Investigators are looking for two people they say were claiming to be police officers before forcing their way into an apartment, beating up the four people inside and ultimately robbing them.

Officers responded to an apartment complex on Huebner Oaks around seven Thursday morning.

They met a man who had blood on his face and a black eye.

He told police that he and three other people were assaulted at another complex less than half a mile away.

The victim told police the group was inside an apartment at the Collection Overlook complex on Woodstone Drive.

They heard knocking and someone claiming to be a police officer.

"Something drew these people to go to that apartment," said Eddie Gonzalez, a former SAPD officer with 30 years’ experience.

He says it's rare for crooks to pose as police officers.

"I doubt that something like this they would show up someplace at random unless there was something there they wanted," said Gonzalez.

After someone opened the door, the victim told police two suspects rushed in, tied everyone up with zip ties, and began beating them.

“I can tell you that 99.9 percent of the time there's going to be a uniformed police officer with the detectives," said Gonzalez.

Investigators say the suspects robbed the victims and then took off.

Gonzalez says if you get a knock at the door but can't tell for sure if it's a police officer, you can always ask for verification.

When officers showed up at the Overlook Collection complex to take a look at the scene the other three victims who were tied up were not there.

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