SAPD officer arrested for sexual assault of a child


Juan Ruiz-Carrillo served for 5 years as an SAPD officer on the streets. Chief William McManus says he was supposed to report to work Monday and called out sick. They were able to arrest him Tuesday.

"We have enough probable cause, we had enough evidence to get a warrant for his arrest," says, San Antonio Police Chief William McManus.

In the arrest affidavit the victim told police the abuse started as inappropriate touching and eventually sexual intercourse. Police say the victim told her church pastor a year ago about it. The pastor told the victim's parents who confronted Ruiz-Carrillo. Police say the victim told them the abuse stopped for a few months, but eventually continued. District Attorney Nico LaHood says under state statue anyone can face charges because everyone has a duty to report crime.

"There are certain people under the statue like health care professionals that absolutely have a mandatory duty to report within 48 hours, a pastor doesn't fall under those mandatory requirements, but does fall into everyone else," says, Bexar County District Attorney Nico Lahood.

The rape crisis center says sexual assault is all about power and control and in this case this victim was most likely very afraid to come forward.

"There is fear in general for sexual assault of not being believed and when that person who is doing the abuse is a person of authority that fear is elevated significantly," says, Rape Crisis Center Co-Executive Director Miriam Elizondo.

The arrest affidavit also says Ruiz-Carillo had told the victim he would commit suicide and leave behind his three year old son if she told anyone.

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