San Antonio medical students celebrate on Match Day

San Antonio medical students celebrate on Match Day

It's match day for hundreds of medical students from UT Health San Antonio and thousands of others across the nation.

They're finding out where they'll continue the next phase of their training.

It might be described as exciting, but like a midterm exam, match day can trigger all sorts emotions.

“I have this weird feeling in my stomach.” Said Arianna Fresquez.

"As medical students we always want to know what's going on so this is a nervous feeling,” said Ana Henriquez, a medical student from San Antonio.

“It’s like a nervous excited-ness," added Fresquez.

"Oh this day is bigger than graduation because it determines really the rest of your life," said Chikara Nkele, an OBGYN student from Dallas.

Professors and faculty say match day marks when medical students truly start the path of becoming independent practitioners.

Henriquez is a San Antonio native and is studying rehab therapy.

"I love Texas, I love San Antonio so I'm really hoping to stay," said Henriquez.

The students are called in groups and read where they will spend the next few years for the first time in front of family, friends, and teachers.

Nkele is hoping to match in Houston, but over the last four years San Antonio has become home.

“Just the family vibe and the down home vibe I'm going to miss all of it," said Nkele.

For many when the match is read relief washes over.

Henriquez will spend the next four years where she grew up

"I did it I’m here!” said Henriquez. “I'm so excited, I’m so relieved.

Meanwhile Nkele is headed to Houston.

“I couldn't even read it,” said Nkele, referring to her match letter. “Like I kept reading it over and over. it's like and I feel like I won the best prize I can get. I won the million dollars and this is my million dollar ticket."

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