Roy Maas' Youth Alternative Pool Reopens

By Darian Trotter News 4 San Antonio Facebook San Antonio - Here's an update on a story we first told you about back in March.{}We reported the swimming pool at Roy Maas' Youth Alternative was in need of extensive repairs.{} {}The repairs have now been made, and the children couldn't be happier.{}At Meadow Land kids are enjoying one of their favorite pastimes.{}"The water is like cold and like we can feel it," an unidentified student said. {}And time spent in the pool is not just fun and games.It helps these children with serious emotional and behavioral issues in a number of ways.{}It's therapeutic and it has physical benefits too.{}"It's a great bonding time for the kids and the staff," Debbie McCollum said. {}{}"A time to cool off and get their exercise in," Natalie Burke said.{}It's an outlet, they almost had to do without this summer.{}Back in March leaders with Roy Maas' Youth Alternative announced the pool would be closed for extensive repairs; to the tune of $25,000. {} "I was very sad because I really wanted to go swimming," the student said. {}After our Fox San Antonio report, Bill Greehey with NuStar Energy came forward and donated the entire amount.Underground repairs began immediately and then came the wait.{}"We were all so excited to wait to see how it would look," said the student. {}Burke said, "Everyday it's like, can we go swimming, can we go swimming today. I mean it's exciting to see them so excited that they can do something that they enjoy." The wait ended at the end of May. {}McCollum said, "It's exciting." {} The children have been swimming daily ever sense.{} "They love to swim," Burke said. {}McCollum said, "At the end of a hot day of playing basketball, gym, they look forward to coming to the pool and just cooling off." {} {}Burke added, "They really enjoy having the pool here, it makes them happy." {}{} {}If you would like to help with other needs click here, Roy Maas' Youth Alternative.