Retired eye doctor's second act not what you might expect


SAN ANTONIO -- How do you define retirement?

Some like to travel, some like to golf and some like to just lounge around .

But Dudley Harris decided to do something different. He’s gone bowling, just not the kind of bowling you do in an alley.

After a long and successful career as an ophthalmologist Dudley retired.

Now spends hours just about each day on his second career of sorts, pottery.

He first became interested decades ago when his 13 year old son took a class.

The specialty he has focused on, making bowls, something Dudley considers a useful form of pottery.

In fact since he retired a year and a half ago he has made thousands of bowls.

So what does he do with them?

He hosts a pottery show once a year and sells them with all the proceeds going to causes he believes in.

This past December's show brought in $30,000.

$20,000 of that went to Texas Public Radio and the rest to Planned Parenthood.

Who knows who will benefit next year.

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