Redistricting trial comes to a close in San Antonio

Redistricting trial comes to a close.

The redistricting trial is now in the hands of three federal judges, and their ruling could have a lasting impact on Texas.

"The decision to come out of this, will probably have a significant impact, on who controls congress in 2018,” said Rolando Rios, a redistricting attorney.

Plaintiffs argue current district lines in Texas, reduce the voice of minority groups in elections, causing republicans to have an advantage.

"There was discrimination, and these maps were done wrong,” said Yannis Banks from the NAACP. “The districts were drawn wrongly and harmfully to people of color and minorities. We're hopeful the courts will agree with us."

State representatives didn't want to speak on camera, but they did give us a statement.

"We're confident in our arguments in this case and optimistic that the current redistricting plans for congress and the Texas House of Representatives will be found fair and legal."

If the judges decide to re-draw those district lines, it could affect who wins in next year's elections for Governor, a Senate seat, and positions within the U.S. House of Representatives.

"If we have 5 new districts drawn by this court to benefit minorities, that's basically 5 new democratic districts,” said Rios.

However, Texas representatives are hopeful district lines stay the same, adding in their statement.

"The legislature adopted them in 2013. These plans were first adopted by this same federal district court, which made a preliminary determination that they did not violate the voting rights act or the constitution.”

A decision is expected from the judges, sometimes in the next few weeks.

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