Punishment handed down in John Jay ref tackling incident by UIL

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ROUND ROCK-The University Interscholastic League(UIL, governing body over Texas high school sports) was surprised to see Mack Breed testify today, who did so with the same intensity he coaches with.

"I'd take a bullet for these players, and that is what I thought I was doing when I initially took the blame," Breed said, former John Jay assistant coach, accused of ordering the now infamous hit on a referee.

He says frustration fueled by perceived bad calls by the refs, boiled over when he heard this: "A player reported to me that one official told me, and please excuse my language, an n*****."

Breed admits to saying in a heated moment to no one in particular on the sideline, on September 4th in Marble Falls in response: "This mother***** has to pay the price."

By now, millions have seen what happened later in the game.

"I know I did not tell these players, or any other players to hurt anyone," he asserted.

Robert Watts, was the man hit, who testified, "With respect to my health, privacynot well.not well."

He echoed his previous written, statement, testifying, "I did not use the N-word. I did not use any racial slur." He continued, "I've officiated over 450 games in the State of Texas and never had any issue at all."

The Texas Association of Sports Officials or TASO said their investigation corroborates that.

The UIL will allow Breed back on a sideline, but asked him to redirect his intensity.

"As far as the cussing goes, it needs to dad's been a coach for a long time," he says, fighting back tears. "He knows how intense I am as a coach, and he always told me, I don't need to be that way."

He's suspended for the 2015/16 school year, he's also publicly reprimanded and placed on 2 years' probation.

The two Jay players involved sophomore Victor Rojas, and senior Michael Moreno did not appear today before the UIL to tell their side.

"We're disappointed; we've said that since the very beginning. We wanted to have to opportunity to visit with those young men," says Mike Motheral, UIL chair says.

Both will be suspended from UIL activities until they testify, and at least until the end of the 2015/16 school year. Jay head coach Gary Gutierrez was given a public reprimand, and 2 years' probation. The team was not punished.

Potential punishment for Watts will be decided once the written report on TASO's investigation is made available to the Sports Officials Committee.

Breed and Watts did share a moment today after the hearing. They shook hands and spoke briefly. What was said, we don't know, both declined comment.

Criminal charges are still possible against the players. The Burnet County Attorney Eddie Arredondo said in an email Thursday, "My office is in the process of gathering all of the relevant information and making some final decisions. It is anticipated that the process will be completed in the very near future."

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