Possible breakthrough in case of woman who can't remember her past


SAN ANTONIO -- A woman has called Haven For Hope home for about six years, but no one knows her real name.

The woman known as Virgil Dorie came to Haven For Hope from another San Antonio shelter. Dorie and her caseworker Laurie Ashby have formed

a special bond over the years. For the past several years Ashby has been trying to find out Dorie's true identity. Dorie has some mental health challenges affecting her long term memory.

Back in January Ashby turned to in hopes of finding Dorie's family.

The results from came back were shared with the Heidi Search Center's Texas Institute of Investigation.

Executive Director Dottie Laster says one of the school's participants, Carol Joseph made a major breakthrough.

"The family she contacted, contacted us sent us a picture of their elderly grandfather , and there are some similarities , that I'm like if it's not her family we're close, " said Laster.

Dorie's potential family lives in New York, ironically that's where Joseph in from.

Joseph happens to be in New York on other business and plans to make on very important stop.

"She's gonna meet with the family on Monday in person in New York , so she's going above and beyond to solve this case."

The meeting may finally unlock the mystery of Virgil Dorie.

"I hope to update San Antonio very soon, " Laster went on to say.

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