Planning Commission makes recommendations to annexations plans

Annexation plans move forward.PNG

SAN ANTONIO- Annexation plans for areas across the county are one step closer to being finalized.

On Wednesday, the city’s planning commission approved five areas for annexation which include two commercial corridors and three enclaves spread throughout Bexar county.

The areas include Babcock Road, commercial corridors along Potranco Road and West Loop 1604, an area near Vance Jackson and Loop 1604, an area near Foster road and an area near I-10 East and Loop 1604.

Residents impacted voiced concerns about not getting city services if annexed.

Deputy City Manager Peter Zanoni says that, if approved by city council, resident services would be provided almost immediately.

“The next day or that same day, the city would have to be ready to respond with our fire protection, with our police, public safety services, with our road maintenance,” said Zanoni.

On Tuesday, the city's zoning commission will vote on the annexations.

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