Blue Plate Winner: La Luna Azul Mexican Restaurant

La Luna Azul captured this week's News 4 San Antonio's Blue plate Award (News 4 San Antonio)

There were no restaurants that failed Metro Health inspections during the past week.

Blue Plate Awarded to La Luna Azul Mexican Restaurant

The News 4 San Antonio Blue Plate Award went to the Mexican restaurant La Luna Azul. It is located at 2433 Austin Hwy.

Jesus Rodriguez and Irma Nieto opened the restaurant in July 2014. They make all their food from scratch. Besides traditional Mexican food, they also offer American food such as hamburgers and hot dogs, They are open everyday from 6am to 3pm.

Jesus said that their customers help them to grow up with the business by giving them new ideas to include on their menu.

"I would like to thank my customers for always you know keeping coming and give us idea for the menu that way we can grow up with the restaurant," said Rodriguez.

Jesus and Irma say they keep the restaurant clean, so they can attract more costumers little by little.

"We started from the bottom and we are going up little by little." said Rodriguez.

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