New program offers free pediatric psychiatric care

By Darian TrotterNews 4 San Antonio Facebook Free psychiatric care is now available for families who need it. {}A new program at Roy Maas' Youth Alternative is now offering evaluations and counseling; and staffers couldn't be more excited. "I can't even tell you how excited I am about this program. It's something San Antonio has needed for such a long time," said Julia Strentzsch Ph.D {}Staffers at Roy Maas' Youth Alternative are celebrating a new program that is serving area youth. Funded by the United Way of San Antonio the new clinic offers free pediatric psychiatric care for families who need it. "And we have kids who really need care, really need psychiatric help that can't afford it that can't get it." {}Roy Maas' Youth Alternative CEO Bill Wilkinson said, "Right now there are about twelve pediatric psychiatrists in San Antonio, and the wait to see a psychiatrist is between six to nine months typically." While they wait for more long-term solutions the start-up program allows families in desperate need to get more immediate assessments and follow-up psychiatric care from psychiatric residents from the University of Texas Health Science Center of San Antonio.{}{}{}{}{}{}{} {}"And so this is like a lifeline to alot of families in San Antonio," Strentzsch said. {}National research shows approximately one in five kids between ages 13 to 18 experience some kind of mental disorder at some point; most commonly ADHD, Bipolar or Conduct disorders, Depression, and Anxiety. Services at Roy Maas' will help young people function better at home and at school. "So if we can get the psychiatric support faster supported by counseling therapy then the home environment stays vital, the school environment stays appropriate, and these kids continue to succeed." For more information about clinic and other services visit Roy Maas' Youth Alternative or call (210) 340-8077.