'It's a miracle that she's alive.'


SAN ANTONIO -- A local mom says her daughter was the victim of human trafficking, and she's grateful to have her back home.

"It's a blessing; it's a miracle that she's alive." We're not naming this mom, but she is an advocate for the Rape Crisis Center.

She says even with her background and training, her 18 year old daughter became a victim. She went on to say, little did she know her teenage daughter was being groomed at her job. "They came through the drive-thru, you know chatting teenage girls with her."

She says, soon, those girls started talking to her daughter on Facebook, and last Tuesday she went to lunch with them. "She innocently thought, oh I have a new set of friends."

On June 7th, her daughter never made it back home. "These people were smart, they were smart."

She says she filed a Missing Person's report with police, and says her daughter started appearing online.

"It shows her neck down. I know this is my child, you know, the clothes she's wearing, I bought these clothes."

She says her daughter told her she remembers them taking pictures of her. "They had her drugged up, they had her drunk, they put her on these sites, she had no idea."

This mom walked the streets trying to find her daughter, and even created a Facebook page, posting everything she was uncovering on social media, including who her daughter was supposedly with.

"This mom wasn't going to stop."

With her persistence, and putting what she knew out there on social media, her daughter was able to get away.

"They went and dumped her at a hotel in a different city, left her there."

She went on to say, within the last seven days, her daughter was in San Antonio, Corpus Christi, and the Dallas area.

"I told her you know, it's the power of prayer that brought you home."

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