REACT: Mayor Taylor links poverty to lack of faith in God

Mayor Ivy Taylor (SBG Photo)

SAN ANTONIO - Mayor Ivy Taylor is getting national attention for comments she made earlier this month about the link she sees between not believing in God and poverty. She said it at a mayoral forum and the video is now making the rounds on social media.

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The headline posted overnight on Huffington Post, “San Antonio mayor suggests 'broken people' without God -- cause poverty.” The site shared the video of the mayoral forum between Mayor Taylor and candidate Ron Nirenburg, which was held April 3rd and posted online by nowcastsa.

The controversy began with this question from the executive director of SA Christian Resource Center, “What do you see as the deepest systemic causes of generational poverty in San Antonio?”

“Since you're with the Christian coalition, I'll go ahead and put it out there that, to me, it's broken people,” said Taylor. “People not being in relationship with their creator and therefore not being in good relationship with their families and their communities and not being productive members of society.”

The link was also posted on the Current's website with the headline “Mayor Taylor says poverty is a symptom of atheism.”

On the nondenominational website, Mayor Taylor's comments were described as, “a bizarre and offensive response from someone who ought to know better.”

Mayor Taylor declined a request for an interview today, but a statement wrote, “The video clip that surfaced on social media this weekend is a dishonest, politically motivated misrepresentation of my record on combatting poverty. It was intentionally edited to mislead viewers.”

Taylor went on to say, “The video was edited to cut out the rest of my answer, what I've done as mayor to help alleviate poverty in San Antonio. That includes taking on teen pregnancy and our high school dropout rates, advocating job training for young people who aren't college bound and fighting crime.”

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