Major closure on I-10 between Leon Springs and Boerne this weekend

Crews will close the main lanes of I-10 in both directions at Fair Oaks Parkway on June 17 - 18, 2017. (Photo: Sinclair Broadcast Group)

UPDATE at 5:30 p.m. Saturday: TxDOT says all of the westbound and eastbound lanes have been reopened.

Major closure on I-10 between Leon Springs and Boerne this weekend

Get ready for another major closure on I-10 this weekend!

Nearby businesses are not thrilled with the headache that is most likely coming until this project is complete. The east and west bound lanes of I-10 will be closed at Fair Oaks Parkway through the weekend.

"As a resident of Fair Oaks, its definitely frustrating, in the small business community it’s a scary thought, I mean that is our revenue right there,” said Dan Worden with Conroy’s Irish Pub.

Conroy's Pub sits right off Fair Oaks Parkway. They will be in the middle of the closure, and are concerned about the potential loss in business.

"I think it will just be easier for a guest to not take the exit and take the next exit and probably go to another local restaurant or bar,” said Worden.

TxDOT says this work requires the roadway to be closed. Drivers along I-10 will be rerouted at the Fair Oaks Parkway exit, onto Frontage Road and then able to get back on the freeway after the construction zone.

"Basically anytime we have concrete, like chunks of concrete that could potentially fall down onto the main lanes, we don't want cars under there, so we will put them onto the Frontage roads and then taking them back on,” said Josh Donat with TxDOT.

TxDOT says this weekend's work will begin at 5a.m. Saturday and they hope to have it completed by Sunday morning, but Monday at 6 a.m. at the latest. The bad news-this is the first of 9 parts to this yearlong project.

"This area has been growing so much, we definitely need it and its just some of the growing pains we will have to experience along the way,” said Worden.

TxDOT hasn't set a date for that next closure.

For more information about the closure, click here. And be sure to share this story with anyone you know who regularly drives through this area.

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