A local pastor is making a difference in the community through hip-hop ministry

A local pastor is meeting the needs of the streets and the church through hip-hop.

“It's like the best of both worlds,” Marsayes McIntyre said.

Pastor Marcus McIntyre is bridging the gap between the streets and the church through his ministry.

“Hip-hop is a culture and then to be able to get hip hop culture in Christ, it's just a different dynamic,” Pastor Marcus said.

Pastor Marcus started New Method Church eight years ago; first targeting violent streets on the East Side. He says watching his dad minister throughout dangerous neighborhoods and his previous job as a substitute teacher was a jumping off point to his ministry.

“A lot of the shootings that were happening, a lot of the kids that were getting into trouble, those were my kids, so I took that to heart. Those kids were dying out there,” Pastor Marcus said.

One of the countless people Pastor Marcus impacted was veteran Terence Williams who attempted suicide multiple times while suffering PTSD following his time in Iraq. Williams says without connecting with Pastor Marcus, he would be dead.

“He saved my life and there's a lot of people he has touched like that,” Williams said.

“Pastor Marcus, I would deem him the people's champ,” Pastor Brandon Clack with Living Waters said.

Through a new partnership with Living Waters and its Pastor Brandon Clack, Pastor Marcus' way of preaching is growing and changing lives.

“If there is one in the neighborhood that will put the gun down. That will stop slanging on the block. If there is one, we will take the one over the zero,” Pastor Marcus said.

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