Leon Valley points towards San Antonio for flood issues

Poss Road closed due to flooding

LEON VALLEY- Huebner Creek grew fast Monday morning. The water was high and the currents were strong. Leon Valley Fire Chief Luis Valdez says to some extent the city of San Antonio is to blame.

"upstream in San Antonio there is continued development that has encroached on the flood plain, that has caused massive amounts of run off, into our city and the Huebner creek watershed, this area gets hit every single time because of that development,” said Leon Valley Fire Chief Luis Valdez.

Chief Valdez says Monday they received just over 3 inches of rain and within no time they had to evacuate homes. He says he has reached out to the city of San Antonio several times, hoping for relief.

"They have to build something here to control their water, they need to control their water just like we are controlling our water here,” said Chief Valdez.

The city of San Antonio transportation and capitol improvements department says they *have spoken with chief Valdez several times in the past. They say there is a required downstream analysis that has to be performed for any private development to be approved. And last year, after discussions with Valdez they added what are called "mandatory detentions" for any new developments - that's a hole in the ground for water to be held.

In a statement they say: The City of San Antonio works closely with all surrounding suburban cities as part of the Bexar Regional Watershed Management partnership. The City requires all development to submit an engineering analysis and check conditions downstream to mitigate flooding issues. The IH-10/Huebner area has been designated a “Mandatory Detention Area,” requiring all new development to construct an on-site detention pond to reduce and control the volume of storm water runoff.

Chief Valdez wants to meet in person with the city of San Antonio to work towards a solution.

"we need some assistance either here or there in order for this to not happen again,” said Chief Valdez.

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