Kerrville school district alerts parents to allegations of teacher-student relationships

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SAN ANTONIO - The Kerrville Independent School District is investigating two possible cases regarding teacher-student relationships, according to a letter sent home to parents this week.

A parent supplied the letter to News 4 San Antonio, which read:

We regret to inform you that Kerrville ISD has recently received two separate and unrelated allegations of improper teacher/student relationships at Tivy High School.
The first allegation was received on September 7, 2017. KISD immediately began investigating and placed the teacher on indefinite administrative leave. Authorities have been notified and KISD is cooperating to the fullest extent in the investigation with the Kerrville Police Department.
A second and unrelated allegation of an inappropriate teacher/student relationship was received on September 12, 2017. KISD is also investigating this allegation and has placed the teacher on indefinite administrative leave. Authorities have been notified and KISD is cooperating with the Kerrville Police Department in both investigations.
I want you to know that KISD takes these allegations very seriously. The safety and well-being of our students is our first and most important priority. These allegations are of behaviors that will not be tolerated in our school district and that are not indicative of our faculty and staff. In accordance with all applicable laws, we will keep you informed as additional information is made available.

A parent we spoke with Thursday did not want to be identified out of fear that their child could face retaliation at school.

"We send our kids to school thinking they are going to be taken care of and they will be protected and these are the people they should be able to look up to. So something like is very disheartening," the parent told us.

Parents were given this letter from Kerrville ISD yesterday. The district says IT received the first allegation last Thursday the 7th and the second with a different teacher and student, this Tuesday the 12th.

The Kerrville Police Department is leading the investigation into the allegations.

"There is no threat to any of the students at the high school, this is an isolated incident and the privacy and the security of the students is our priority," said Lt. Mary Krebs with the Kerrville police department.

But neither the district or police are giving many details if any into the investigation. Something parents find very frustrating and why they say they wanted to speak out.

"Nobody's talking about it. Nobody saying anything. And these teachers, what if they just got sent to another district? What if it happens to another child? If the right steps are taken this could happen again and that's my concern," said a concerned parent told us.

Parents say they believe the students involved in the allegations came forward and reported the alleged inappropriate relationships.

"When that line is crossed by adults it's their responsibility to say no, your my student. That's the relationship this is, and it goes no further, " the parent said.

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