Jay Perez family steps up to donate A/C unit to help beat the heat

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SAN ANTONIO---Another good Samaritan has stepped up to help someone by providing an a/c window unit to help beat our stifling heat!

Lucy Garcia is full of life. She’s 75 years young and going strong!

"I like to dance a lot and where ever there's musicians or mariachi's I sing!" exclaims Lucy.

Lucy was a single mom and worked for years at Santa Rosa hospital working in all areas of food services before retiring and in spite of a wonderful outlook on life she admits dealing with the heat in her home has been tough.

"It's hard! But I got used to it. Especially this past week when it was 104. I mean I had to stand it in here," says Lucy.

And she is very grateful for the help

"God works in many ways and he's doing me a miracle like you are, all of you."

Like Jay and Roxanne Perez, and yes that's Tejano star Jay Perez! Roxanne saw our story talking about an elderly lady with no a/c.

Roxanne Perez explains, "Ok I haven't been able to rest, there's this story, I don't know if we can do anything about it now and he said what? Ya we can! Find out!"

And so they called. And Jay says we can all help

Jay says, "If the community get involved, I'm just one person, this big city has a big heart."

And Meals on Wheels, who found Lucy agrees!

"To be able to see the end result and see the clients and see the smiles on their faces."

And Jay had one more thing he wanted to share,

"I want to challenge all my Tejano artists my colleagues, my friends, my brothers, my sisters to do what we just did today.

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