Injuries on the rise in San Antonio due to Pokemon Go, health officials say

Pokemon Go Injuries on the rise

SAN ANTONIO - According to UT Health Science Center officials, injuries are on the rise due to the popular game "Pokemon Go.”

Dr. Grant Hogue, Orthopaedic surgeon, says some children are getting too focused on the game, and not their surroundings

“There is no sideline with Pokemon Go. The whole city is your field,” says Hogue.

The game has had some positive effects with getting people moving and outside, but it can also be dangerous.

“We are seeing a little bit of a mirror effect of what we see with adults who are either texting and driving, or involved with their iPhone as they are walking around town,” adds Grant.

Across San Antonio, people can be see playing the game everywhere, including at Brackenridge Park.

“There is a lot of stuff here to catch,” says Johnaidan Uribe-Kozlobsky, 17, who has been playing the game since it came out.

According to Dr. Hogue, the number of injured patients they are seeing is higher than what it usually is this time of year due to the game.

“Ranging from simple sprains and fractures that show up in a clinic towards even to operative emergencies,” says Hogue.

The surgeon also says children are looking at their phone but at oncoming traffic.

“There needs to be some parental supervision involved in this.”

Some parents say they are fully on board and that they taking the right precautions when it comes to Pokemon Go.

“I am with her where never she goes to make sure she is not in the street collecting those characters,” says Sandra Gonzalez, mother of a 10-year-old girl who plays the game.

Nevertheless, health officials say no matter how old someone is or where he or she plays, safety is the most important part.

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