Hundreds of DWI blood tests mishandled

By Darian Trotter News 4 San Antonio Facebook News 4 San Antonio has uncovered hundreds of DWI blood test have been mishandled. That's the word confirmed Tuesday by Bexar County District attorney Nico Lahood.{}The controversy now raises questions about cases in the prosecutors office.Darian Trotter has the exclusive details from the District Attorney and how the problem will be addressed going forward. It's supposed to be one of the most reliable tests officers can use to determine if a person is driving under the influence Of alcohol. {}{}{}{}{} {}But News 4 San Antonio discovered blood tests for hundreds of cases were mishandled due to a personnel issue at the lab Bexar County uses to process blood tests for all alcohol related cases."I don't want the fear factor that either number one we aren't doing blood draws or there is some huge universal problem with them. We are just talking about certain personnel not even all personnel with the contracting company," District Attorney Nico Lahood said. {}The county has been dealing with the issue for a couple of months. {}Nico Lahood didn't go into details about how the tests were compromised, or how county leaders found out. However he says it's important to address the issue publicly. "We just want to make sure we have trust with the process so we can make sure the public trusts our justice system here." {}According to the Bexar County Commissioners Court, the company contracted to do the blood draw is Integrated Forensic Labs.{}"The personnel issue has been fixed with the current company that we're using but it still does not go back and fix the issue during that period of time with the personnel." {}{} He says tests that were compromised will not be used.Furthermore, the problem will have little effect on previously prosecuted or current DWI cases.{} {}"What we're doing for the cases that we're dealing with during that period of time, we're trying the cases like we did in the old days we didn't always have blood draws some cases we didn't even have video." {} Instead Lahood says prosecutors will rely on other evidence like video from field sobriety tests, officer testimony, and witness statements.Attempts to contact Integrated Forensic Labs were unsuccessful Tuesday. The lab's current contract with the county is under review. {}