Hot cars and kids: 80 degrees outside can mean 120 degrees inside

SAN ANTONIO -- Nearly every two weeks, a child will die of heatstroke from being left inside a car.Local agencies are working to put an end to that statistic. The San Antonio Fire Department and the Southwest Texas Regional Advisory Council teamed up to talk about the dangers of leaving children in hot cars.They also held a demonstration on the Southwest Side to show how quickly the temperature inside a car can rise, even on a mild day."Never leave your child in the car alone, not even for a minute," said Dr. Lillian Liao of University Health System.

Dr. Liao explained, "From the demonstrations, it's 80 degrees outside, but it's 120 degrees inside the car. And with 120 degrees, you can cook an egg and you don't want to cook your child."Experts say heatstroke can lead to organs shutting down and ultimately death.

The groups say their goal is to have zero heatstroke deaths of children this summer.