Fully restored WW2 bombers stop in San Antonio on nation-wide tour

Fully restored WW2 bombers, planes stop in San Antonio on nation-wide tour

SAN ANTONIO -- Historical aircraft are flying over the skies of San Antonio this weekend.

The aircraft are on a nationwide tour but hundreds are coming out to honor the men who flew the bombers and fighter planes during World War 2.

History is coming alive at Stinson Municipal Airport.

The rare and fully restored World War 2 bombers and fighter planes have flown in for the weekend, giving visitors an opportunity to immerse themselves.

“This one has got a lot of room compared to the B-17," said Mark Haulsee, an aircraft enthusiast.

Space at times can be tight on the bombers.

“Not exactly very comfortable up there I'm sure,” said Victor Garza.

Garza came out to marvel at the power of these planes and to honor the courage of the men that flew them.

“You always hear about the men that fought during that time so here's a chance to see some of that history in the flesh you might say," said Garza.

Dick Cole is the embodiment of that living history.

Cole flew B-25s in the war.

He was Lt. Col. Jimmy Doolittle’s co-pilot and is the last surviving Doolittle Raider.

At the age of 101, Cole can recall details of the raid with vivid detail.

"I understand that none of you had ever taken off from a carrier before,” a fellow World War 2 veteran commented to Cole.

“No, only on dry land,” responded Cole. “Everybody had the same distance it was almost a thousand feet."

Next to a restored version of the bomber he co-piloted to Tokyo, visitors are quick to stop and thank Cole for his service.

“What a plane and what a guy,” said Haulsee.

"That's what I come out and see these things,” said Garza. “Because you have to think about as to what they did with what they had to do it with.”

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