Foster dad looking to adopt two boys just in time for Father's Day

David Herrera and his wife plan to adopt two brothers. (SBG San Antonio)

A staggering number of foster children are in desperate need of a permanent home.

According to The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, there are more than 16,000 foster children in Texas, including about 2,500 in San Antonio. Now, one local family is hoping to reduce that number by 2, just in time for Father's Day.

For the past year David Herrera and his wife have been fostering 2 young boys. Looking ahead, the couple hopes to officially adopt the children into their family.

"It was something we were thinking about for a long time," said David. “If the stars line up for that purpose, yes, I’d love to adopt.”

A lot has changed for the Herrera's since they began fostering. The young brothers are now 3 and 4 years-old, and David says he’s beginning to feel like a Dad.

“Now I understand how I felt with my Dad, and how they look at me.”

The Children’s Shelter in San Antonio says there are plenty of juveniles that need fostering.

“A child needs an opportunity to be in a loving home,” said Anais Miracle from the Children’s Shelter. “You want to have a child graduate high school and say those are my parents.”

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