Forced to switch schools: Family plans to sell house, move so student can stay put

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SAN ANTONIO – At least one family plans to move to stay at a Northside high school as another opens, boundary zones change and hundreds of students are forced to switch.

Harlan High School will open off Culebra Road in August. Current freshmen and sophomores at Brennan High School and several other high schools will transfer. Current juniors will remain at Brennan for their senior year, and certain varsity athletes will also stay put.

“The sole reason being Harlan High School in its inaugural year will not offer UIL competitive team sports,” said Barry Perez, district spokesman.

Megan Garza, a percussionist in Brennan’s band, said she’s thriving at her school and would hate to leave it.

“I’m doing so good there,” she said. “I made drumline. Well, I made drumline this year. I made snare, which is like really good. I made section leader, which I totally wasn’t expecting.”

She lives in the Potranco Run neighborhood, near Potranco and 381. Next year, students in her subdivision as well as those in Redbird Ranch across the street will attend Harlan, which is farther than Brennan.

Parents attended the district’s public meetings during which boundary changes were discussed and decided.

“Because she’s not in varsity sports, they’re not going to let her stay,” said Raul Garza, Megan’s father.

The family is looking to sell their home and purchase another one so she can complete her schooling at Brennan.

“They’re not going to have a varsity football team next year, so the band’s not going to have the same opportunities that they have here,” Raul Garza said.

Perez said parents who have concerns can contact Robert Harris, the principal of Harlan High School, although the outcome may not change.

“There’s a much bigger picture here,” Perez said, “and we certainly understand a parent’s commitment to staying at a campus and the desire to keep their child at a campus. The reality is as we add new schools, as we go through the process of changing boundaries, we seek input from our community members.”

The Garzas were part of that public process and voiced their concerns, although they’re not happy with the final decision.

Donnie and Shannan McCann wrote letters and spoke at public meetings, hoping their son Nicholas – a diver who’s competitive on the state level – could finish out his high school career at Brennan.

“It’s going to pull him away from the teams that he knows, the friends that he knows,” Donnie McCann said.

The Garzas are even eyeing a trailer park closer to Brennan. They plan to sell their home in a gated community.

“Why not just let these kids go where they want to go?” Raul Garza said.

The district has distributed an information sheet with frequently asked questions about the boundary changes.

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