Flooding forces evacuations in Leon Valley

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UPDATE: Leon Valley Fire Department is allowing residents to return home. They are shutting down the evacuation shelter at John Marshall HS.

LEON VALLEY - Severe weather has forced evacuations due to flooding in Leon Valley Monday morning.

According to the Leon Valley Fire Department Facebook page, heavy rains have led to a RED on the Floor Emergency Response Plan, which means that major flooding conditions are occurring. Residents in low-lying areas should evacuate.

An emergency shelter has been opened at John Marshall High School.

Seven homes have been evacuated at this time.

VIA is on standby for massive evacuation if needed. Castle Hills and Balcones Heights on standby to help if needed today.

The biggest issues is dealing with heavy run off rainfall from upstream. Last year Leon Valley had to close roads 26 times because of flooding. They are able to get folks out because they have become accustomed to reacting to floods.

Leon Valley Fire Chief Luis Valdez blames the problem on developments from Huebner Road up I-10. He says 47 houses lost in Leon valley picked up and moved away "in name of flood control to control run off into San Antonio."

Check back for more information on this developing story.

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