Fighting & Exposing Human Trafficking

Exposing and Fighting Human Trafficking

SAN ANTONIO -- The documentary film, "The Cantinera," will be featured on Thursday evening at the Alamo Draft House Park North, as part of a fundraiser for the Heidi Search Center.

Executive Director of the Heidi Search Center Dottie Laster was a part of the film exposing cantinas, or bars, in Houston, and the dark world of human trafficking.

"It shows how real it is, it's not something we can turn away from," added Laster.

The film gives victims a voice. "It brings the audience into that world."

It's a world that may be getting even bigger. On Tuesday, the Rape Crisis Center submitted for a $1.5 million grant to help combat human trafficking.

The money, if awarded, would go towards creating a task force with law enforcement to help rescue trafficked victims, and get them the services they need. "From housing to medical services, and get their life back together," said Carmen Vasquez with the Rape Crisis Center.

The Rape Crisis Center will know in a couple of months if they will get the grant.

If you'd like to see "The Cantinera" documentary, it will be showing Thursday evening, May 12th at 6:30p at Alamo Draft House Park North.

There is limited seating and tickets can be purchased in advance through the Heidi Search Center.

If you'd like to buy tickets CLICK HERE:

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