EXCLUSIVE: Attorney of employee accused of tipping off murder suspect, shares story

Luis Saldivar and Attorney Neil Calfas.

SAN ANTONIO - The attorney of a Bexar County jail employee accused of tipping off a murder suspect is setting the record straight.

Luis Saldivar was charged with hindering apprehension of a local murder suspect.

Kenton Haynes, 22, was caught on Wednesday after running out of the detention center while trying to pick up some of his property there.

Police say Saldivar gave him a head’s up there was a warrant out for his arrest.

“He had no knowledge about him there would be absolutely no incentive or nothing he would gain from tipping this person off. I think it was a situation where he either made a serious mistake by just saying 'oh wow you have an active warrant or said this guy has an active warrant and is in the wrong place,” says Neil Calfas, Saldivar’s attorney.

The attorney says shortly after Haynes called the clothing department at the jail and talked with his client, Saldivar had hung up once realizing there was a warrant out for Haynes.

Calfas says his client called the front desk.

However, initially no one at the front desk answered so he says Saldivar called master control and then the front desk back.

“The lady at the front desk told him we see him he is out here pacing. He then printed off a Vera pic which is the computer system they have access to that notifies them whether a person has a warrant or not. He printed that off and took it to his sargeant and his sargeant told him he would take care of it and next thing you know he is being questioned or interrogated,” adds Calfas.

According to the Bexar County Sheriff’s, during the phone conversation, it appears Saldivar warned Haynes of the warrant.

Eventually deputies were able to spot Haynes outside the jail.

After a quick foot chase, Haynes was arrested on Martin and Colorado streets.

“If anything he was thinking out loud or talking to his co-worker when he made a statement that Mr. Haynes may have heard. Again he didn't know Mr. Haynes,” says Calfas.

Saldivar had been working BCSO for nearly six years.

This is a developing story. Keep checking back for updates.

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