East Texas residents assess damage following deadly tornadoes

Crews will continue to survey damage Monday. (CBS Austin)

Residents in East Texas are picking up the pieces after multiple tornadoes left a path of destruction 35 miles long and 15 miles wide Saturday.

At least four people are dead and dozens were injured in the storm.

According to the National Weather Service at least for tornadoes touch down in Canton 50 miles east of Dallas.

The Rustic Barn, and event venue that was supposed to hold a high school prom is one of many structures destroyed in the storm.

Similar destruction is what many families also came back to. Nothing but piles of wood and debris where their home is used to stand.

One family who lives off Hwy 19 tells CBS Austin they had their kids hunkered down in the bathtub and were ready to ride out the storm until they realized it was coming straight for them.

"There it is, right there - it's over the house!" Said Laci McMahon as they watched a massive tornado travel over their property Saturday evening.

When the sun came up Sunday morning, the family got their first look at the damage.

"It's just devastating. I could see was the shop was gone and I could see part of the roof, but I didn't know what else was gone," McMahon said.

Although their home is still standing, roof damage means water seeped through, damaging the ceiling, walls and floors, making it unlivable.

"I mean you could stay in there, but with no electricity, no water, nothing working, no... I would say no," Brandon Whitus said.

So with a fridge full of spoiled food and no way to cook a meal, the kindness from a few strangers from the neighboring town of Murchison came to the rescue.

"Everything they own is gone so that's pretty devastating," said Johnny Johnson owner of Chicks BBQ.

Johnson and his crew stopped their food truck along Hwy 19 whenever they saw someone in need and provided warm meals for nearly 100 people that hadn't eaten since before the storm hit Saturday.

"I've worked like that and you go 20-25 hours without eating and you don't even realize it because of what's going on so it's probably a comfort to be able to sit down and eat a warm meal for a change," Johnson said.

Laci and Brandon say they'll be staying with family that have electricity until the house is fixed. They consider themselves lucky, but say they will be adding a storm shelter to the property.

"It's going to take a while, but we'll get there. Us and our kids are safe that's all that matters," McMahon said.

Early reports from the National Weather Service estimate two of the four tornadoes that touched down were EF-3. Crews will continue to survey damage Monday.

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