Dozens of Mexican Mafia members arrested in San Antonio

Mexican Mafia arrests

SAN ANTONIO- Thirty-seven members of the Texas Mexican Mafia were arrested overnight in San Antonio. The FBI says this is the conclusion to a two-year investigation they have been working.

Throughout the night on Thursday and early morning Friday, dozens of men were arrested across the city of San Antonio by federal authorities. The FBI says they are all high ranking in the Texas Mexican Mafia.

The San Antonio Police Department, New Braunfels Police Department, DPS and DEA have assisted the FBI in this two-year investigation. Thirty-seven men are accused of conspiracy to interfere with commerce by threats of violence. The indictment says the object of the conspiracy was to blackmail drug traffickers.

Those traffickers were working for them, and if they didn't hand over a portion of the money they received they were told they could be killed. These men are also charged with conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance. The indictment says they were found with methamphetamine and heroin.

All of the men are due back in court later this month for their arraignment in front of a judge.

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