CrossFit athletes honor fallen SAFD firefighter

CrossFit athletes honor fallen SAFD firefighter (SBG San Antonio)

A fallen San Antonio firefighter is being honored worldwide with a CrossFit workout.

June 18th marks one month since a tragic 4-alarm fire killed San Antonio Firefighter Scott Deem. In remembrance, SAFD members created a workout with symbolism.

“It shows how everyone can come together for one common goal,” said Keaton Mattick. “Doing it in memory for all the firefighters hurt, and in Scott’s honor.”

The workout is as many rounds as possible in 11 minutes. That’s equivalent to how long Deem and fellow firefighters spent in the burning building, before mayday was called.

“The 11 minutes I went through seemed like a long time,” said Lori Grant. “I can only imagine the 11 minutes for them.”

The exercise also includes 5 deadlifts, 18 wall balls, and 17 burpees, symbolizing May 18th, 2017, the day Deem was killed.

“He’s a brother,” said SAFD Firefighter and Helotes CrossFit Owner Rickey Damiano. “Whenever you lose a brother like that, who you’re going side by side into a fire with, it’s just very heartfelt for us.”

So far tens of thousands of dollars have been raised through the workout. All of the money donated, will be distributed to the families of the firefighters killed or injured on May 18th. If you’re interested in doing the workout visit here, or if you'd like a t-shirt click here.

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