Crews set to remove Google hut from Haskin Park

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SAN ANTONIO - More changes for Google Fiber's roll out in The Alamo City.

The technology giant says large huts are no longer needed to provide internet service.

Plans are set to remove the controversial hut from Haskin Park.

"It's got shade covering, hopefully some swings that'll be coming up so my kiddos and I are very excited about it."

After a months-long battle some Oakpark-Northwood neighbors have scored a victory.

The eye-sore that's been the center of controversy at Haskin Park is finally set to be removed.

"Finally are getting this hut taken out of the park so the neighborhood is very happy about that," neighborhood leader Jonathan Delmer said.

Admittedly no one was against Google Fiber bringing super-fast internet to The Alamo City; but plans were spoiled when the city says the technology giant failed to go through the proper channels during the Haskin Park project.

"As a mother with two young children I'm obviously pro park just because that's where I am in this stage of life," Kathryn Schafer said.

Neighbors say Google used a back door approach to build the hut and changing the park for worse.

"You know we miss our field that we had out here the open field but at the same time I understand what google was trying to do," Schafer said.

During installation, Google was also found responsible for dozens of water main breaks across the city including six on Haskin Drive.

"If you're not organized it's much more difficult," Delmer said.

North Side neighbors were steadfast in their efforts to get repairs, and ultimately the hut removed.

City leaders say because of advancements in technology the hut is no longer needed.

It'll be replaced with a small cabinet.

"When you get your neighborhood organized when you keep everybody informed and keep them at task you can keep the city doing the right thing," Delmer said.

Kathryn Schafer and her two children are looking forward to the silver lining.

The city is still making good on its promise to completely renovate the park with an updated play area, and lighted walkways.

"We love it. New equipment, better landscaping, better park, happy kids happy mom," Schafer said.

City leaders say it will take crews several weeks to remove the hut's concrete foundation and restore the soil around it.

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