Civil rights groups rally for rights to free internet

Janice CarpioNews 4 San AntonioTwitter: @janicecarpio

SAN ANTONIO - Activists say they protested corporate{}giants like AT&T, Time Warner Cable, and Comcast for what they call an attempt to block the internet.

The group of protestors consists of several social justice organizations who say if the FCC does not choose to regulate the internet during its February 26th vote that companies{}that provide these services{}will begin to "play favorites." They say that without net neutrality, companies that provide internet service could potentially charge companies for how fast their website's load, which could harm smaller businesses and these non-profit organizations who already don't have much funds to promote their cause.

"The big corporations, without net neutrality rules, create essentially a fast lane and a slow lane, so a fast lane for people who can pay for their content to be received and a slow lane for the rest of us," says Andrea Figueroa with Martinez Street Women's Center.{}Gylon Jackson with SATX4 also attended the protest. "Right now, you have a pipe going through your house, you get your electricity, they don't all of sudden dim your lights and say hey you need to pay more for a brighter bulb, they give you the services, that's all we want, we want the internet to be regulated just as a public utility."{}The crowd was also calling out Representative Joaquin Castro to publically support an open internet. Castro sent the following statement:{}"I support an open and accessible internet including net neutrality. I look forward to continuing the debate on the issue."