City crews begin removing trash from flood-ravaged Port Arthur

PORT ARTHUR, Texas - For the first time since Harvey flooded more than 80 percent of Port Arthur, the city was able to begin picking up trash on Tuesday. The city said it lost its entire public works fleet, but neighboring communities were helping pick up trash.

Many homes have piles of debris stacked in front near the streets. Regina Francois spent Tuesday trying to salvage anything she could from her flood-ravaged home.

"Even though the clothes are in the closet, it's still wet,” Francois said. “The ones that I can salvage, I'll wash them, but everything else, I'm just going to toss it to the street."

City staff asked residents to be patient as it will take some time to clean up the large piles of debris. The city is currently working to secure a contract with a company to help remove the debris.

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