Caught on camera: pricey lawn equipment stolen

Caught on camera: pricey lawn equipment stolen

SAN ANTONIO – Almost $1,000 of yard equipment was stolen from a landscaper’s truck and trailer in less than a minute, and it was all caught on camera in the Oak Park neighborhood on the city’s north side.

“[The landscaper] works very hard,” homeowner Chris Sivori says. “He works every day in this neighborhood.”

Sivori’s home security camera was rolling when the thief drove by the truck several times, casing out the goods.

"There was a blower and a weed eater. Both probably almost a $1,000 worth of equipment,” Sivori says.

The landscaper had no idea anything was missing until he returned to his truck.

"He's constantly trying to get better equipment,” Sivori says. “So to have somebody just come by in a matter of seconds and steal something it takes this guy months and months to save up for - it's an outrage."

News 4 crime specialist Gilbert De La Portilla says thieves will even take your simple home gardening tools while your back is turned.

"They're looking for that opportunity to grab anything that's out in the open,” he says. "Whether it be a lawnmower, a weed eater - whatever the situation, they'll grab it because it's easy to steal and the most important thing, it's easy to get rid of right away."

De La Portilla, a retired police officer, says it’s a lot harder for thieves to pawn tools that have your name or driver license on it.

"People will say, ‘I know it's my tool because it has this notch on it.’ Well, that's not going to count. It needs to have some good identification mark,” he says.

Neighbors are banding together to replace the landscaper’s stolen equipment through GoFundMe.

Sivori hopes you’ll call police if you recognize the thief or his truck, and has a message for him.

"You're a bad person,” the homeowner says. “You're not a good person. I hope you get caught."


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