Bone marrow transplant donors needed among Hispanics


SAN ANTONIO-Everyday people living with blood cancers such as Leukemia and Lymphoma wait for a bone marrow transplant.

The difficulty comes finding a match, especially for Hispanics and Latinos

"The type of cancer he has he has to get a bone marrow transplant and right now there is not a match so we are just waiting," said Kimberli Lira.

17 months of pain for Kimberli Lira and her family.

Her husband is battling lymphoma.

And now chemotherapy isn't enough.

"He's Hispanic and for minorities it's harder to find a match because not as many minorities donate," said Lira.

And time is critical.

Only 25 percent of her husband's kidneys are functioning and a bone marrow transplant match is needed right away.

"Our family is not the only family going through this there's other families who have been torn apart by cancer and so the more people who register and donate the more chances whether it is our family or someone else's family we'll be able to get a relief from just the heartache," said Lira

According to the national be the match registry only 72 percent of Hispanics or Latinos find a match and Lira's husband is having trouble finding just one.

But through the suffering lira is finding comfort in her son's singing and praying to find the perfect match.

"Just to know that you save somebody and that you are giving a father more years with their children or a child more years or a mom more years it's just I think the best thing that you can do," said Lira.

To register as a donor click here

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