Anti-bullying sticker pledge launched by the David Legacy Foundation

It’s a big message on a small sticker. That’s the focus of the ‘David’s Law Pledge.’ (PHOTO: Camilla Rambaldi)

SAN ANTONIO – It’s a big message on a small sticker. That’s the focus of the ‘David’s Law Pledge.’

It’s a new way to help fight against the dangers of cyberbullying.

“A reminder to kids if they see it on their phone to think before they send,” says Maurine Molak.

The new campaign launched on Thursday.

“Students or adults read the pledge that says ‘I will not use my device as a weapon,” adds Molak.

It's part of her family's anti-cyberbullying law, also known as "David's law,” which goes into effect on Sept. 1st.

Their son David Molak took his own life at just 16 after being tortured by cyberbullies. He was a former Alamo Heights High School student.

“People are really wanting to have something that is positive and proactive when they start to teach about their kids about David’s Law.”

So far, Molak says it has been going well.

“I've already sent out 8,000 stickers and we really haven't really publicized yet. Several requests from high schools and counselors, administrators. I sent a thousand stickers to Graham High School. I wasn’t even sure where Graham Texas was,” explains Molak.

Molak also told Fox San Antonio there was an order from Canada.

Overall, the goal is to educate schools, parents, and teachers across the state with the new.

“If we have to work with schools and tweak the law then we are willing to do that,” adds Molak.

It’s one sticker, with a strong message.

“There is a soul behind the screen on the other end and they need to think twice about what they write or type.”

To buy one of the tickets, head online to the David’s Legacy Foundation.

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