Alfred Angelo Bridal silent as customers told company shut down

Brides and bridesmaids here and across the country are furious over the apparent closure of all Alfred Angelo Bridal stores. (SBG Photo)

Brides and bridesmaids here and across the country are furious over the apparent closure of all Alfred Angelo Bridal stores. San Antonio police tell us they've received 911 calls over the closure.

Rumblings online show stores all over the country are closing. But the company itself has not publicly commented.

Employees at the Alfred Angelo store off Loop 410 near North Star Mall told us they were going to be there all night, shipping out dresses to brides who had already ordered. One of them, who claimed to be a manager, told us there was a conference call Thursday morning with corporate and the company told them they tried to remain open, but they were going to have to declare bankruptcy.

It’s a major frustration for the women waiting for their dresses.

The corporate offices are located in Del Ray Beach, Florida, and The Palm Beach Post is reporting that employees at the corporate office left the building with boxes and personal belongings Thursday afternoon.

Some brides are now being told they have to call an attorney if they want their dress in time for their wedding day.

Among the rows of wedding dresses inside of the Alfred Angelo store in Boynton Beach was supposed to be Teri McKerlie’s wedding dress.

“I loved everything. It’s a big ball gown. It’s sparkly and it was a big dress,” said McKerlie.

But it’s not at the store. The problem is the $1,000 dress, paid in full, was not available.

“I thought it had to be a joke,” said McKerlie. “There’s no way. They’d have called me and, no, I called them and they said they’re closing today.”

Others, like Carley Ventre and her bride to be friend Shawna only found out as they showed up to the store.

“We came down today and we didn’t know they were closing and they just told us now they shipped out the dresses this morning, so they didn’t want anyone to lose out on their dresses, so they just FedEx’ed their dresses,” said Ventre.

At stores and online customers and brides-to-be are outraged. Some online say their orders have been canceled. Others say they’ve merely been told to contact an attorney.

We went to the Alfred Angelo headquarters in Delray Beach and found a near empty office except for a few posters on the wall in the lobby. A woman there said “nobody is here who works here anymore.”

The company has reportedly hired a Miami-based law firm and is preparing to file for bankruptcy protection. Alfred Angelo began in 1933 and had more than 60 stores across the US. They sold merchandise in more than 1,400 other stores.

Customers like Donna Barash say the company has left brides and employees in a bad position.

“I hope the people that did this realize what they’re doing because it’s very, very sad. Unprofessional. Not common courtesy. Not anything I could say, excuse me, on camera. I was just one of the fortunate ones,” said Barash.

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