After cross-country trip, Guns to Hammers begins helping wounded warriors


Two San Antonio Marine veterans are back home Saturday night, after a cross-country trip to help raise funds for their mission – helping wounded warriors.

After thousands of miles, the non-profit group Guns to Hammers is ready to start the second part of their journey.

JR Smith and Kevin Jackson are getting straight to work.

Their mission started back on Memorial Day.

They hit the road at the end of May in a red, white, and blue jeep to raise awareness for their veteran support group Guns to Hammers.

“I’d love to be able to help a veteran in a wheelchair and modify his home so he can live more independently,” said Smith, before taking off on the coast-to-coast trip.

Tracy Knight is the daughter of navy veteran Otis Rankin.

"For two and half years he was on board a ship of the coast of Vietnam," said Carol Rankin, Otis’ wife.

After seeing our original story, Tracy sent a message to JR and Kevin.

“I don't normally watch the news,” said Knight. “And 10 minutes later he messages back and he says, ‘You know we're going on tour but when we get back to San Antonio we'll come see."

Rankin was diagnosed with Parkinson's back in 2005 and while he can still get around a little bit

“Our concern is what's going to happen when he can't get out of the wheelchair,” said Knight. “How does he get around this house."

For about five years, the family has tried to get help for modifications through the VA.

"A long time to keep filling out paperwork and have it all come back denied," said Rankin.

After going coast-to-coast, Smith and Jackson's journey ended at Rankin’s home.

“The Rankin family is grateful to be the first of what they hope is many more projects in the future.

“It's been more of a blessing than I can ever dream of," said Knight.

Gun to Hammers plans to start working on Rankin's house in the next couple of months.

Click here if you know of a veteran who needs help or you would just like to help out Guns to Hammers.

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