A look one week after the storm; Rain ahead in the forecast

Dozens of homes in the path of tornado's last weekend are still without proper roofs.

“I think there's about 30 homes total that have severe damage like this. A lot of the homes lost half their roof,” said Jonathan Delmer, President of the Oakpark Northwood Neighborhood Association.

Neighbors have been helping each other out, cleaning up and repairing after a tornado ripped through the city.

“They would go next door and start helping their neighbor and just keep going and going,” said Delmer.

“There's still stuff from a metal roof that blew off in the backyard. We still have a tree down. It seems like everybody found something from their neighbor’s house in their yard,” said Wesley Talley.

Even with the possibility of rain, the neighbors say at the end of the day, they all have each other’s back.

“A quick thunderstorm you should be just fine,” said Delmer.

Residents have until March 3rd to leave debris in their front yard for the city to stop by and pick it up.

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