Restaurant forced to throw out chicken

Demerit Restaurant: Las Quesadillas

A Mexican restaurant falls short of a passing score and is re-inspected. While a Chicago style café has a perfect inspection, and becomes our Blue Plate winner of the week.

Las Quesadillas Original Taste of Mexico receives a failing score

Las Quesadillas Original Taste of Mexico, located inside Ingram Park Mall, 6301 NW Loop 410, earned a failing score of 67 on its latest health inspection. The restaurant was required to have a re-inspection a few days later.

Some of the violations found were:

  • Pork chicharrones thawing out at room temperature cooked from two days earlier
  • Hot hold line average temperature was 76 degrees, when it should be maintained at 135 degrees and above
  • Black garbage bags used to store and cover food items
  • Cooked chicken from two days earlier had a sour smell

Wrigleyville Grill captures Blue Plate

This week’s Blue Plate winner brings Chicago style dishes right into the heart of Texas! Wrigleyville Grill is located in Park North Shopping Center off of Loop 410. This fun restaurant has been around for three years and has a Chicago, baseball theme. Some of their popular dishes are the Chili Cheese Dog, Chicken Pita Sandwich, and the Chicago Hot Dog. Wrigleyville Grill sure hit a home run with its latest inspection!

Congratulations guys and thanks for keeping your kitchen squeaky clean!

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